Object dependencies by NENDO

Collection of art-design pieces signed and numbered by NENDO

Limewood, painted wood, objects in solid painted steel

Prices and information upon request

Product Description

Originally, furniture was structurally complete, and served to hold books, cups and other objects placed upon it.

We can say that this function was one of the most important factors in determining the form of a piece of furniture.

The collection “objet dependencies”presents pieces of ‘weak furniture’ that cannot stand independently until they are made structurally sound through the addition of an object.

In addition to increasing stability, the accumulation of objects has other effects as well.

It can change the angle of light emitted from a lamp, or expand a bookshelf.

Object dependencies is an exploration into new forms created by resetting the once-unquestioned relationship between furniture and objects.

Exclusive design from Specimen Editions

The Designer

Nendo was created by Oki Sato in 2002. Oki Sato was born 1977 in Toronto, Canada, after studying architecture at the Waseda University of Tokyo. He is now one of the most famous designer worlwide. Nendo means "modeling clay", underlining the will to be flexible and innovative in his designs Inspired by the traditional japanese style, he created his own language. His philosophy of creation is to arouse surprise and interaction between people and objects, usually with a touch of playfulness. Oki Sato has received many awards : Good Design Award, German Design Award, Elle Deco International Design Award and is appointed "designer of the year" in 2012 by the magazin Wallpaper. Many of his designs are exhibited : MOMA in New York, Museum of Decorative Arts and Centre Pompidou in Paris, Victoria & Albert Museum in Londres... Nendo chose Specimen for his first monographical exhibition in Paris, designing the collection "Object dependencies" for the occasion. His designs for Specimen : Visit the designer's website


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