Tapisofa by Olivier Gregoire

Dimensions : 140 x 100 x 160 cm

Materials : Felt and fiberglass structure

Weight : 33 lb

Color on demand

Product Description

The Tapisofa is an iconic design piece of our collection.

Levitation is to design as the graal is to religion.

Simple felt ribbon in extension in space, the « Tapisofa » thus floats, literally.

As the print of a chair which one would have withdrawn too quickly, leaving for a time the memory of its presence, laying under the plaid which sheltered it.

But a quite functional memory for this cast solid base, in glassfiber and felt, whose technical qualities allow a magic appearance.

A design signed by Olivier Gregoire.

The tapisofa was used by the famous brand ACNE to furnish its concept stores.

It gave birth to the industrial Foldcollection, composed of a chair, a stool and a bench.

Limited edition

The Designer

Olivier Grégoire is a French designer who lives and works in the US. Producing designs based on his emotions, Olivier Gregoire performs a delicate balance between art and industry, form and substance, sensitivity and functionality. It was "love at first sight“ with this designer and his creativity. Specimen first produced Foldchair, and Tapisofa in limited luxury editions. Then industrial variations were produced two years later with a chair, a stool and a bench. Products : Visit the designer's website

Additional Information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 82 x 92 x 82 cm


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