CHANDABRABHU by Sylvain Rieu-Piquet

47 x 47 x 40 cm

Unique piece

Information upon request

Product Description

Unquestionably the most phenomenal piece from Specimen’s collection,

Chandabrabhu is a grey Savoy marble occasional table.

It looks like a Hindu gothic gargoyle,  like « a vestige of a Hindu Temple destroyed by the anger of a capricious divinity » according to Sylvain Rieu- Piquet.

Sculpted with a digital cutter, this “neo –Art nouveau” furniture proudly displays the grooves left by its industrial origins.

The Designer

Industrial designer and artist, Sylvain Rieu-Piquet is liberated from design constraints to allow his visual vocabulary, which is both extravagant and romantic, to radiate. His fantastic world - far from design standards, make him one of the most interesting designers of his generation. For Specimen Editions, he design the one of a king side table Chandabrabhu


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